Monday, December 12, 2016

That one perfect partner...

Today is my husband’s birthday. It made me realize that I’ve known him for a decade. Time flies, but it also feels like I’ve always known him. I will be forever grateful that he came into my life when he did. In many ways, he restored my faith in God, but also my faith in the forever kind of love. Because in the most unlikely set of circumstances Tom was exactly what I needed, when I needed him. Like a rock to cling to in fast water, he came into my life at a time when I was unable to trust that my life’s partner wouldn’t leave when things got rough. But I’ll tell you, he’s one hell of a man and he undervalues himself daily.

When we got married, little did we know exactly how many opportunities he would have to show me exactly the kind of man he was. This year we would learn that I have MS, and that Sydney very likely has Autism Spectrum Disorder. To say things have been hard would be an understatement. But when I need to put 100% of what little energy I have towards taking care of Sydney, he doesn’t have to be asked to step up and make sure our family doesn’t fall apart. And on top of that, he made it possible for me to go to New York for a badly needed respite and for me to meet my celebrity crush.

People tell me that they don’t know how I manage to stay strong and(mostly) sane recently. My answer is that I have Tom. And I just want Tom to know how much I appreciate him. So, everyone here’s to Tom. Happy Birthday, honeys!